Why Independent Financial Advisors

As an independent financial advisory firm, we have stuck to this principle from day one so that our clients benefit fully from impartial advice and put in place the best-suited financial plans.

By being “INDEPENDENT”, we offer impartial financial advice that is in the clients’ interest instead of providing biased advice that is unduly influenced by our business partners’ sales quotas or higher commissions.

To understand more about the "Independent" word

Promiseland Logo

Our Logo, Vision and Mission

Drawing inspiration from the historical Promised Land, our company promotes values of a life well-lived and a legacy well treasured. A life centred on values of family and community held together by trust.

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Promiseland 2015 FA Directors

The Organisation

Driven by ideals beyond business, our pioneers championed client’s interest by founding the first independent life insurance brokerage in Singapore in 1991. Upholding the non-negotiable principles of independence and varied choices for clients, Promiseland became the forerunner for the Independent Financial Adviser…

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About the founder

Founder, Chairman

Founder and Chairman, David Choo, one of the early few who took the road less travelled when he set up Promiseland in 1986 and how by the grace of God, saw it grow…

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Business Model

Business Model

While others pay lip service to “clients interest first”, we build our business and stake our future on it. Our business philosophy and business model and approach are all geared towards “what’s best for clients is best for us.”…

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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We believe clients deserve the best. We are prepared to provide not just “reasonable basis” advice but “fair and objective” advice – a world of difference for clients. While others count the cost, for us every client counts…

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Betterment of industry and society

For the Betterment of Industry and Society

Believing that a rising tide lifts everyone, our leaders and practitioners commit themselves to lifting the professionalism standards of the financial services industry and public financial literacy…

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  • Alicia Koh (Life/CIS)
  • Alvin Ho (Life/CIS)
  • Amanda Ho (Life)
  • Andrew Loh (Life)
  • Andrew Neo (Life/CIS)
  • Ang Jian Dong (Life)
  • Angela Wong (Life/CIS)
  • Angelina Tay (Life/CIS)
  • Angeline Too (Life/CIS)
  • Angelyn Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Anthony Halim (Life/CIS)
  • Arron Oh (Life)

  • Belinda Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Ben Teo (Life)
  • Bernard Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Benedict Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Benjamin Neo (Life/CIS)
  • Brandon Sih (Life/CIS)
  • Brian Chew (Life/CIS)

  • Cai Zhenqing (Life)
  • Caleb Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Calvin Lim (Life)
  • Cappi Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Cassie Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Cedric Ang (Life/CIS)
  • Charles Ching (Life/CIS)
  • Cheong Wai Hon (Life)
  • Chia Pei Kiak (Life)
  • Chong Yong Foh (Life/CIS)
  • Chow Weng Khay (Life/CIS)
  • Chris Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Christopher Loh (Life/CIS)
  • Cindy Chen (Life/CIS)

  • Daniel Choo (Life/CIS)
  • Daniel Lee (Life/CIS)
  • David Choo (Life/CIS)
  • David Phua (Life/CIS)
  • David Soh (Life/CIS)
  • David Wong (Life/CIS)
  • Derick Eng (Life/CIS)
  • Diana Esther Tan (Life/CIS)

  • Eddy Goh (Life/CIS)
  • Edward Eu (Life/CIS)
  • Emlyn Han (Life)
  • Eng Tiang Chuan (Life/CIS)
  • Er Sun Feng (Life/CIS)

  • Faith Liu (Life/CIS)
  • Fong Jun Tatt (Life/CIS)

  • Gavin Shen (Life/CIS)
  • Godfried (Freddy) Meindertsma (Life/CIS)
  • Goo Li Keng (Life/CIS)
  • Graham Choo (Life/CIS)

  • Han Seng Kheng (Life/CIS)
  • Haanisha Piperdy (Life/CIS)
  • Hariz Maloy (Life/CIS)

  • Irene Xu (Life/CIS)
  • Isaac Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Ivan Chua (Life/CIS)
  • Ivan Guan (Life/CIS)

  • Jacob Seng (Life/CIS)
  • Jacqueline Chow (Life/CIS)
  • James Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Jasmine Siah (Life/CIS)
  • Jason Chia (Life/CIS)
  • Jellisa Soon (Life/CIS)
  • Jennifer Chang (Life/CIS)
  • Jeremy Goh (Life/CIS)
  • Jeremy Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Jervis Shen (Life/CIS)
  • Jessie Kwek (Life/CIS)
  • Jessvy Li (Life)
  • Joey Luo (Life)
  • John Bang (Life/CIS)
  • John Chang (Life)
  • John Tan (Life)
  • Joseph Hung (Life/CIS)
  • Joyce Tung (Life/CIS)
  • Justin Hee (Life/CIS)
  • Justin Koh (Life/CIS)
  • Justin Ng (Life/CIS)

  • Kardiono (Life/CIS)
  • Karen Ng (Life/CIS)
  • Kartina Kang (Life/CIS)
  • Kartono Kang (Life)
  • Kwok Chee Seng (Life/CIS)
  • Kylie Tan (Life/CIS)

  • Lee Keyun (Life/CIS)
  • Lelani Joanne (Life/CIS)
  • Lexi Toh (Life/CIS)
  • Li Kun (Life)
  • Lim Gin Nah (Life/CIS)
  • Lim Jit Hong (Life)
  • Lucien Fong (Life)
  • Lyndon Chew (Life/CIS)

  • Manfred Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Martin Lee (Life/CIS)
  • Maximilian Tung (Life/CIS)
  • Merlin Ji (Life/CIS)
  • Michael Arash (Life/CIS)
  • Michelle Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Monica Koh (Life/CIS)
  • Moses Lim (Life/CIS)

  • Nah Teck Lye (Life/CIS)
  • Nancy Goh (Life/CIS)
  • Nelson Tay (Life/CIS)
  • Nicholas Low (Life/CIS)
  • Ng Su Yin (Life/CIS)
  • Ng Zhi Wei (Life/CIS)

  • Ong Choon Mei (Life/CIS)
  • Ooi Yaw Chong (Life/CIS)
  • Owyong Wei Keong (Life/CIS)

  • Patrick Cheah (Life)
  • Patrick Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Paul Yong (Life)
  • Priscilla Wong (Life/CIS)

  • Rachael Tan (Life/CIS)
  • Rachel Ha (Life/CIS)
  • Rachelle Boon (Life/CIS)
  • Racquel Gelvezon (Life)
  • Reuben Tan(Life/CIS)
  • Robert Chua (Life/CIS)
  • Rosie Tang (Life/CIS)
  • Royce Cheng (Life/CIS)

  • Sally Chua (Life/CIS)
  • Sam Zuo (Life/CIS)
  • Saju John (Life/CIS)
  • Sebastian Lim (Life/CIS)
  • See Toh Kwok Hoong (Life)
  • Seth Wee (Life/CIS)
  • Shayne Sin (Life)
  • Sim Mong Huat (Life/CIS)
  • Sophia Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Stephenie Lai (Life/CIS)
  • Sumiati Selamat (Life)

  • Tan Aik Meng (Life/CIS)
  • Tan He Chi (Life/CIS)
  • Tan Jian Liang (Life/CIS)
  • Tay Siew Heok (Life/CIS)
  • Tey Yi Xuan (Life/CIS)
  • Tiffany Tan (Life)
  • Tin Wan Ying (Life/CIS)
  • Tsai Chang Chin (Life)

  • Venugopal Nair (Life/CIS)
  • Veronica Lim (Life/CIS)
  • Vivian Huang (Life/CIS)

  • Wallace Tay (Life/CIS)
  • Wan Tat Liong (Life/CIS)
  • Wayne Ho (Life/CIS)
  • Wee Kiang Chong (Life/CIS)
  • Wilfred Ling (Life/CIS)
  • Winni Lim (Life)
  • Woon Wee Chun (Life/CIS)

  • Xann Lee (Life/CIS)

  • Zack Wong (Life)
  • Zhang Hengbing (Life)
  • Zhang Xin (Life)
  • Zheng Jiajia (Life/CIS)
  • Zu Wei Ren (Life)

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