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The independent advisor


We have intentionally chosen to be INDEPENDENT Financial Advisers and to line up as many supporting principal partners as possible to ensure our clients not only get fair and objective advice but good value for their money.

Trusted Advice

Trusted Advice

We seek to be a Financial Adviser company known for trusted advice and trusted Advisers, serving a growing business community both in Singapore and in the region..

Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations

Building such a community cannot be done overnight. Founded in 1986, we have been building this community and invite you to join the tens of thousands of people, families and companies who have become part of us and who are being added weekly.


Enjoy the fruit of our labour and our continuing efforts to build a COMMUNITY OF TRUST.

About the Founder

Founder and Chairman, David Choo, one of the early few who took the road less travelled when he set up Promiseland in 1986 and how by the grace of God, saw it grow…Read More

About the Organisation

Driven by ideals beyond business, our pioneers championed client’s interest by founding the first independent life insurance brokerage in Singapore in 1991. Upholding the non-negotiable principles of independence and varied choices for clients, Promiseland became the forerunner for the Independent Financial Adviser…Read More