While others pay lip service to “clients interest first”, we build our business and stake our future on it. Our business philosophy and business model and approach are all geared towards “what’s best for clients is best for us.”…

Business Model

We are a full-fledged, multi-platform company providing financial planning, financial advice for investment and also insurance broking for life and general insurance. We have a full complement of professionally qualified and experienced directors, managers, specialists, planners, advisers and brokers to take care of clients' total financial and insurance needs. We have a strong corporate culture and structure and cater both to individual clients and corporate clients. We have a network of associate companies in the region to serve our regional clients..

Business Platforms

Our business platforms include financial planning, wealth protection (risk management and insurance), wealth accumulation (investments), wealth conservation (retirement planning) and wealth preservation (estate planning).

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

PromiseLand Independent adopts a multi-disciplinary financial planning approach and provides coordinated services and products from life insurance companies, general insurance companies, fund managers, banks and specialist lawyers and tax consultants.