Believing that a rising tide lifts everyone, our leaders and practitioners commit themselves to lifting the professionalism standards of the financial services industry and public financial literacy...

Promiseland has gained a reputation of being in the forefront of promoting clients’ interest and education through its many involvement in promoting the merits of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) and financial literacy.

Leading by example, founder Mr David Choo, who is one of the early pioneers of brokerage and independence helped form the Association of Financial Advisers and was its second President. David has continued to be in the Executive Committee and contributes to industry meetings and also meetings with the regulators.

David has contributed regularly to industry magazines and to other media and is quoted widely.

A host of other Promiselanders have also made their mark in the industry.

Financial Adviser Director, Mr Patrick Lim, who specialises in life insurance, is widely sought by the media for comments on life insurance. He sits on many of the insurance companies Product Focus Groups and updates regularly his own blog which is consulted by many.

Financial Adviser, Eng Tiang Chuan, also a CFA, specialises in investments especially for the Accredited Investors. He contributes to magazines.

Financial Adviser, Martin Lee is a Charted Financial Consultant and specialises in current issues faced by investors.

Financial Adviser, Ivan Guan focuses on retirement planning for professionals and risk management for small business owners to help them attain financial freedom and retire early. A budding author and entrepreneur, Ivan's blog provides tips, strageties and resources to help Singaporeans build and maintain wealth.

Promiseland encourages all her Financial Advisers to achieve relevant professional qualifications and more than 70% have at least one professional qualification.

Promiseland’s internal training which is held weekly far exceeds the industry requirements.

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  1. Ivan Guan