The ABC’s – We have found that people who have some or all of these five traits have done very well…

Career Success Factors

The ABC’s

We have found that people who have some or all of these five traits have done very well:

A – Ambition. The desire to succeed and be rewarded in proportion to your skills and efforts.

B – Business-ownership. The ability to build and own your business and pass it on to your next generation or to sell it.

C – Career proof. The knowledge that your employment is not dependent on others and there will always be a need for your service. People who face dead-end jobs or risk retrenchment in their present jobs often find this reassuring.

D – Drive and Discipline. The ability to keep continually motivated and to manage yourself separate the men from the boys.

But it’s important to dispel certain myths or misconceptions or stereotypes.

  1. Salesmanship skill is not the only or most important factor. Salesmanship is good for product-pushing but not providing advice. A measured, more systematic approach works better when providing advice and recommendation of solutions. Many ex-engineers and ex-scientists are doing extremely well.

  2. Savviness is not everything. Service is. Service is important and if you enjoy interacting with people and doing what benefits them, you will be highly appreciated and rewarded.

  3. It’s not the young only who succeed in this perceived competitive business. Mid-career people who have to shoulder heavy financial responsibilities and who have learned much from their working years are highly-motivated and resourceful and adapt faster.

  4. It’s not true that you need to be pushy to do well but rather you must believe in your cause and be enthusiastic and committed to help your clients. A genuine, heartfelt concern for the welfare of your individual clients and their families will open doors and open hearts.

  5. It’s not true that you need to do everything on your own or be a know-all and do-all. You can be very successful just focussing on what you do best and teaming up with others to synergise and serve clients well.

  6. It’s not essential that you be both numerate (good in mathematics) and literate (good in language literacy). You need some knowledge of numeracy and be effective in communication and some knowledge of IT helps but your success is dependent more on your trustworthiness and knowledge of your work.

  7. It’s true that the wider your network of friends, the better it is since you would have a big natural market. But you will be able to make more friends and get more introductions if you are a friendly and trustworthy person. In relationships, depth is more important than width.