Find out more about our various positions (Wealth Managers, Financial Adviser Specialists, Financial Adviser Assistant Director, Financial Adviser Associate Director)

Career Options Wealth Managers

Wealth management can be a part of comprehensive financial planning or a subset. Our wealth managers focus on middle-income to high net worth retail and also Accredited Investors (minimum net worth of $2 million or minimum annual income of $300,000).

They are supported by company specialist staff and Financial Adviser Directors in areas like portfolio construction, training and conducting of seminars.


  • Preferably some experience in wealth management in investment management companies or private banks or Fund Management firms
  • Relevant academic and investment qualifications
Financial Adviser Specialists

Our Financial Advisers are encouraged to specialise in one or two areas from a spectrum of business lines and classes.

Eg. Financial Planners, Retirement Specialists, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Employee Benefits, Business insurance etc.

Our specialists often team up to serve our clients better.


  • Relevant academic and professional qualifications
  • Some experience in the fields of specialisation
  • Mid-career and graduates are given special training and support to achieve a breakthrough
Financial Adviser Assistant Director

This is a Team Leader position and requires supervising a team of Representatives under the overall leadership of a FA Director.

Those who are very strong producers and like to set an example by mentoring other Reps will relish this role but without Compliance duties expected of Managers.

Financial Adviser Associate Director

This is a step to becoming a FA Director and involves leading a team of Reps within the group of a FA Director. The goal of a FA Associate Director is to qualify to be a FA Director when his team grows to a required size.

The FA Associate Director will be groomed to be a FA Director and performs most of the Compliance duties expected of Managers.

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