Enjoy ownership of your business, perpetual income, control of your destiny and immense work satisfaction and meaning and purpose. Our compensation structure lets you enjoy the bulk of the fruit of your labour.


Perpetual Income

Employees get paid only if they work.

It is not uncommon to hear of employees who have worked for many years, being retrenched. At best, employees can only look forward to some retrenchment gratuity.

Three reasons for being Financial Advisers, Planners, and Brokers:

  • Attractive commissions and fees and renewal income

  • Grow with your clients -both individuals and corporations

  • Growth of clientele as you become better with experience and from referrals

Ownership of Business

We offer immediate “vesting” without any conditions. You own the business and can retire with continuing income. Contrast this with the "tenancy" situation of insurance companies and employee (servants) situation in banks.

Control of Your Destiny

You will never be redundant. Many mid-career people who joined us after being retrenched or became disillusioned with job prospects have done well.

Our services and products are essential and beneficial to clients and we provide advice to clients to decide wisely. This gives immense job satisfaction and meaning and purpose.

Our one-stop station concept is highly convenient for clients and a powerful attraction. This adds value to clients and enhance their appreciation of your service.