In contrast to the “solo” operation of Insurance agents and many others, our Representatives are supported by a corporate structure of directors, managers, team leaders and specialists

Support Structure

While there are many FA firms which operate more like agencies with the “agents” largely operating solo, we have built a corporate structure with corporate management and staff to support our advisers. Directors, managers, team leaders and specialists all combine to support our advisers strongly in getting new business and in servicing as well.

It is this structure (chart) which enables us to reach out effectively to corporate clients. We thus empower our advisers to hit above their level and handle bigger individuals and corporate clients. We also practise joint calls to back-up our advisers.


Individuals and companies now do cross-border business and many have properties and bank accounts in different countries for a variety of reasons – tax, children’s education, etc. In order to help take care of cross-border interests, we are building a regional network of related companies and associated companies.


The high level of competence required for each of the business platforms makes specialisation and teamwork crucial. We promote teamwork through our:

  • Co-broking and referral system

  • Team approach and joint calls

  • Specialists’ advice and guidance

  • Integrated approach to meeting clients’ total needs

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