The adage “Fail to plan and plan to fail” cannot be more true than for financial planning. Financial planning is best seen as a process and the financial plan the result of the process.

Every stage of life has financial implications. What do we have to plan for these stages:

  • Starting work and family
  • In our middle years with high expenses
  • In our pre-retirement years
  • In our retirement

While the financial planning process is adopted for most clients who are willing to disclose the required information, only those who require specific or comprehensive financial plans to meet their financial objectives need to pay fees...

How can one live holistically during the expected longer retirement years – physically, mentally, financially and spiritually? Ageing well is not just about preserving your body and face or keeping active mentally or socially, but is about integrating all these things. Find out about the three secrets and three rules.

Making better investment returns can make a small difference to your lifestyle. Not protecting against life’s risks can destroy you and your family financially. Find out what these risks are and how you can protect yourself..

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