We are an independent and full-fledged insurance broker approved by MAS as an Exempt General Insurance Broker.

History and Track Record

Promiseland started as a composite insurance broker in 1986 distributing both life and general insurance to individuals and corporations. We have grown to be one of the largest composite brokers in Singapore and continue to grow steadily. With our long history and track record, we are confident that we would be able to improve on what you now have in terms of premiums and service.

Specialists and Support Staff

We have insurance brokers who specialise only in general insurance and group employee benefits and have amassed decades of experience to provide you valued advice and professional service.

We also have a big team of Financial Adviser Representatives who provide total solutions to their individual and corporate clients including general insurance and Group

Employee Benefits.

This is a fulfilment of our goal to be a one-stop station for clients’ convenience and benefit.

Our specialist brokers and Financial Adviser Representatives are supported by an ample team of staff who handle new business placements and claims. You can expect customised solutions and personalised service and highly competitive premiums due to our multi-sourcing and ability to obtain favourable terms due to our long track record.

For more details of business lines and product classes and the services we provide, please click here to access our General Insurance Website

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