Drawing inspiration from the historical Promised Land, our company promotes values of a life well-lived and a legacy well treasured. A life centred on values of family and community held together by trust. Our vision is “A community of trust” comprising our Advisers, our staff and clients all bound together by trust in each other. We aspire to be trusted advisers providing trusted advice. Our mission is to give fair and objective financial advice and provide valued solutions and services to help corporations, families and individuals in Singapore and the region.

Our Logo

The historical Promised Land was a land of promise, flowing with milk and honey. But it was more than a good life – it was a life centred around God, nation, community and family.

Back in 1986, the insurance industry (no financial advisers then) was dominated by tied agencies. Clients’ interests were not being served and our company pioneered the concept of “multi-representation”, symbolised by the cluster of grapes in our logo.

The bunch of grapes represents our multiple services, our multi-representation of companies and our desired multiplication of business.

Always on the cutting edge of the industry and technology, PromiseLand seeks to provide an all-stop station offering the best of class products to clients.