Planning for Investments
Why is it that some people brim with ideas about making their money work for them better while others just let their money sit in fixed deposits? How can one who is not investment savvy still tap the potentially higher returns of investing their money instead of letting it sit in the banks? Find out about the 3 important principles of investment.

What differentiates Promiseland from other Financial Advisers? What is our cutting edge? It’s the way we go about our Investment business being totally independent and committed to serving clients objectively and fairly

We aim to earn your trust by our advice and service to live up to our tagline “Trusted Advice, Trusted Adviser”. Experience our customised advice and personalised service

In this section, we address some questions which our clients ask most frequently: Why invest in Unit Trust? What about bonds? Should I contribute to Supplementary Retirement Scheme? What about risks? What about investing for short term and switching? We welcome you to email us any questions you like us to give our opinion.

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