What differentiates Promiseland from other Financial Advisers? What is our cutting edge? It’s the way we go about our Investment business being totally independent and committed to serving clients objectively and fairly

Cutting Edge

Our service does not start when we first meet our clients. It starts way back when our advisers sweat it out in training weekly. Our in-house investment specialists go through a thorough process of analysing the huge unit trust universe of a few hundred funds, to narrow down the list which we are confident will do well. This process is repeated regularly to keep track of the market.

Our process of selecting funds starts with scrutinising the fund managers and their ideas and concepts for the various funds in their suite. We also look into the historical, economic, political and other pertinent factors which affect markets in different continents, regions and countries.

Our advisers are constantly updated through regular in-house briefings and discussions. We understand that the markets are dynamic and that today’s star performers can be tomorrow’s duds.

Since funds managers are the ones who pick the unit trusts, we monitor their performance regularly. Even fund managers do come and go. We keep in close touch with the fund managers and have direct access to most of them. Many of them visit us to brief us about their funds and compare notes on the investment climate. We ask them the hard questions on your behalf.

As our belief is investment for the medium and long-term, we select funds which are expected to perform well over time. We see our clients as long-term partners. We take into account their risk tolerance and appetite, and since these can change, we do constant reviews with our clients when required.

Our advisers are committed to servicing clients, and unlike other institutions where the advisers come and go, ours stick with you unless you opt for a change. You can thus expect a close working relationship with our advisers.

We do not have our own funds and so we do not have any vested interests in the fund houses or funds we recommend. We operate as independent financial adviser committed to serving clients objectively and fairly.

For more information on the above products and any other financial planning services, please feel free to leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.

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