Singaporeans working abroad and expatriates who might need or prefer overseas treatment will do well to look at International medical plans. Instead of relying solely on their CPF-approved plans or local medical plans..

There is a difference between medical plans meant for Singapore and international medical plans which cover other countries, e.g. Asia, and the world excluding USA and Canada.

Plans meant to cover hospitals in Singapore will cover any hospital and surgery done in another country for emergencies, but are limited to the equivalent cost as if it was in Singapore.

Depending on where the hospitalisation and surgery takes place, the Singapore plan may not provide sufficient coverage, especially if the overseas countries are USA or Canada.

If you are a Singaporean living abroad, or likely to be posted to countries with much higher medical costs, an international plan might be suitable.

If you are a foreigner in an ASEAN country and find Singapore a good place to come to for your medical needs, an international plan may also be suitable.

Plans that we distribute include:

  • AETNA International - International Healthcare Plan
  • AIG - Global Health
  • AXA - International Exclusive
  • AXA Life - GlobalCare
  • CIGNA - Avdance / CignaPrime
  • Tenet Sompo - NowHealth WorldCare
  • TM Life - Henner GMC Global Medical
  • Liberty - PALLAS GlobalHealth
  • MSIG - Healthcare International Plus
  • RHI - BUPA Worldwide Health Options

List is as at March 2015

For more information on the above products and any other financial planning services, please feel free to leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.

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