Find out what are the needs of individuals and families and how financial planning and risk management can give you the peace of mind

Needs and Problems

Whether you go through a comprehensive financial planning, a specific or modular financial planning, life-cycle planning, or just a needs analysis approach, you would have to look at the following areas which apply to everyone:

BUDGETING - How to manage your income and expenditure budget.

ASSETS PROTECTION - How to protect your existing assets from losing value or being destroyed by hazards.

PERSONAL PROTECTION PLANNING - How to protect your life from the economic consequences of premature death, disability and disease.

FAMILY PROTECTION PLANNING - How to protect your family from similar risks.

SAVINGS - How to plan financially for major events like marriage, house purchase, children’s tertiary education and retirement.

INVESTMENT - How to invest in well-chosen instruments to get good returns at reasonable risks for selected periods.

TAX PLANNING - How to save on taxes, where possible.

RETIREMENT PLANNING - How to manage your funds to stretch them for your retirement.

ESTATE PLANNING - How to distribute your assets and money in efficient and tax efficient ways to chosen beneficiaries.

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