Children – life would be empty without them but life is full of responsibilities with them. What financial planning do you need to do for your children…


Children – life would be empty without them. Yet, life is fraught with responsibilities because of them.

Bringing up children in Singapore is pretty safe but terribly expensive if you want to have the best in childhood education, tuition, co-curricular activities, and tertiary education - especially an overseas education.

It costs from $200,000 to half a million to raise a baby to the time they graduate and become employed. This is provided they are healthy and are able-bodied. Otherwise, the costs would be even greater.

Parents who have done well and even those who have struggled through, all agree on one thing – children need a leg up today. A good education is a must even if it is expensive.

Education planning is one area we have helped parents in to achieve their ambition for their children.

Medical plans for children are easily available and will ensure that any medical condition or disability will not drain the family’s resources.

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