Old rich and new rich alike seek to grow their wealth further and to protect and preserve their wealth and eventually to distribute it well.

As Singapore continues to grow as a wealth management centre and hub and adds to its ever growing coterie of High Net worth (HNI) and ultra-high net worth (UHNI), we complement private bankers to take care of their diverse and complex needs.

Our Private wealth division adopts a different approach from the fee-driven model of banks.

We are client-focussed, not product-focussed.

We are principle-focussed, not principal-focussed.

We focus on value creation through unique processes which would enable clients to identify and manage the dangers they face, utilise and maximise the opportunities and enhance the strength of clients. We are also vendor neutral (not tied to any particular product provider) and are licensed by the MAS.

Our goal for our high net worth clients is sustainable returns within reasonable risks, achieved by portfolio asset management over a determined period.

For more details of our approach, our process and our services and products and why HNWI use us, please click here to access our Private Wealth website.